CoWIN registration online for 18+ from start today


CoWIN registration online for 18+ from start today Here’s how to register for COVID-19 vaccination on CoWin portal Confirming the opening of registration for Coronavirus vaccination phase 3 CoWin Vaccine Registration | cowin gov in | Cowin Certificate Download | CoWin 2.O Registration registration online

CoWIN registration online for 18+ from start today

More than 18 people to be registered from today, get vaccine only after appointment

18+ people to be registered

Keep these things in mind after getting vaccinated
Keep these things in mind before getting vaccinated
Registration will be done on, Covin App or Arogya Setu.

CoWIN registration online for 18+ from start today

You have to verify with OTP on your mobile number. It will have to provide information on your Aadhaar card, PAN card, or any other photo ID.
This will be followed by information on vaccination site, date and time.

Those above 45 years of age will have walk-in facility. Such people will be able to get the vaccine even without registration.

Sit in the observation room of the vaccination centre for half an hour. Inform the doctor if there is any problem like nervousness, dizziness.

Fever, hand pain may occur 12 hours after or more of vaccination. It is advisable to take paracetamol tablets. Sometimes the vaccine can have pain in the hand for up to three days. Don’t be afraid of it.


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