WhatsApp का नया स्वदेशी संस्करण ‘संदेश’ और ‘संवाद’

Indian government Messenger app sandesh app or Samvad WhatsApp का नया स्वदेशी संस्करण ‘संदेश’ और ‘संवाद’ Sandesh, Samvad the name given to Government Instant Messaging Made In India Messaging App Sandesh Can Beat Whats App

WhatsApp का नया स्वदेशी संस्करण ‘संदेश’ और ‘संवाद’ Sandesh or Samvad app

WhatsApp का नया स्वदेशी संस्करण ‘संदेश’ और ‘संवाद’ Sandesh or Samvad app
WhatsApp का नया स्वदेशी संस्करण ‘संदेश’ और ‘संवाद’ Sandesh or Samvad app

The central government is also troubled by whatsApp’s new privacy policy and other policies. So he is now preparing to bring a new indigenous version of WhatsApp for itself. This app is still under trial. Another similar app is also at the test level. Their codenames are now ‘Messages’ and ‘Dialogs’.

According to NDTV’s report, an app is ‘ Jims ‘ (Government instant messaging service). This and other apps will be fully under the control of the government. The Prime Minister will release it after completion of the trial. However, the date is not yet fixed.

It is also not certain that both or the same will remain for the use of the general public. As sources, one of these apps is sure to be only for the mutual message and communication of the central government employees. The second may be for the use of the common people.

An app on the Apple Play Store

An app being developed by the government is on the Apple Play store. The blue-white app looks like the AshokChakra logo. Sandes messaging app However, it can only be downloaded by government employees. That too after the process of authorization.

Indigenous apps like Whats App are being tested to bring self-sufficiency in messaging apps, eliminate data theft and curb Sandesh‘s arbitrariness.

The Modi government is making self-reliant India not just a word but a reality. Even in the messaging app sector, the government is now ready to call Sandesh a buy-by and is developing a secure messaging app in the country so that it can work just like WhatsApp. In India, messaging application WhatsApp announced its new privacy policy, which provoked strong protests in the country and the government itself has asked WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook to reconsider its new rules.

WhatsApp’s Dadagiri will no longer run. WhatsApp, which is facing controversies due to its privacy policy, has now found a solution to the problem. The Sands app, a full indigenous application developed by the Government of India, is also being called the original version of Whats App. The good thing is that this app has also started to be used. At present, only government officials are using it. Ordinary people are not allowed to use it.

Government officials have started using the Sands app, the original version of Sandesh. Last year, the Government of India announced that it was working on a chat feature similar to WhatsApp. The chat feature is now fully geared up in the Sands app. Some ministry officials have started using the app. The government instant messaging system is a very simple instant messaging application. When the government announced it last year, people thought it would be called GIMS, but now it has finally got its original name. messaging apps Sandes and Samvad

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