SHIB Inu Coin : how to invest in shiba inu coin 2023 : shiba inu (shib) price, News today

SHIB Inu Coin : how to invest in shiba inu coin 2023 current price of SHIBA INU is $0.000031 per (SHIB / USD). SHIBA INU is at the all time high shiba inu (shib) price, News today SHIB whales buy nearly Rs 206 trillion coins in 2 days! doubled price Find the latest Shiba Inu Coin price, Shiba Inu to INR converter, historical data and news

SHIB Inu Coin : how to invest in shiba inu coin 2023

A SHIB whale bought 6.3 trillion SHIB coins within two days. Cryptocurrencies have whale accounts that are anonymous and make large-scale coin transactions. It is so large that they can affect the entire market. The unknown buyer also purchased coins worth 6 trillion SHIB i.e. about 43,838,900 dolls (Rs. 3,27,81,19,505) on October 1. It didn’t stop there. The next day it bought 116 billion (116.00 crore), followed by 159 billion (159.00 crore), and 1 billion (100 crore) coins in the final transaction. All the three transactions took off within a few hours.

SHIB Inu Coin : how to invest in shiba inu coin 2023 : shiba inu (shib) price, News today

The total amount of SHIB coin purchased by whales on Saturday, October 2 was up to 276 billion (approximately Rs 206 trillion). The price of coin SHIB increased by 5 per cent with the purchase of such a large quantity of coin. Then, after that, it came down by about 3 per cent. This is perhaps the first time a whale has changed the fortunes of a memcoin. Sheeba Inu, launched in August 2020, was launched to take advantage of the popularity of Dogecoin.

shiba inu (shib) price, News today

Investors were more interested in Shiba Inu as the total value lock (TVL) had reached close to $2 billion (approximately Rs 1.5 trillion) in June and July. According to DeFiLlama, SHIB coin came into being last year and started out as a joke coin based on Dogecoin. But in 2023 SHIB has surged in value. However, it’s important to note that one SHIB coin by itself is practically worthless. At the time of this writing one SHIB coin is worth $0.00003367—that’s way less than a penny. Still, if you invested 10 grand in SHIB yesterday, you’d have a hefty profit. TVL has since come down to less than $300 million (approximately Rs 22 billion). But these anonymous whale accounts did not matter much and continued to make big purchases in the coin.

In fact, such an interest in whales has only strengthened The Position of Sheeba Inu in the market in the last few months. SHIB was released in late June – a global social trading platform out of Israel – on eToro. Since then it has recorded listings on Coin Base Pro and We Bull in early August. September remained the same as it did as a result of which SHIB also made it to the Binance’s portfolio.

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